Our Team Working For Your Department

A new website for your Department just got a lot easier! Consider us your website partners. We listen to your goals, help identify your options, and then we use our website expertise to create, host, and manage the details of your site… allowing you to focus on what you want to say.

Your Department Website is too Important

FDPages is based on one single goal: providing our customers the absolute best value and unmatched ease-of-use for their website budget. Chances are we’ll dramatically increase the functionality and impact of your website while empowering your ability to connect with your community and cutting the costs associated with your current site.

What FDPages Does For Your Fire Department Website… And How We Do It

  • Getting Started
  • Pick Your Template
  • Migrate Your Old Site
  • Setting up 'WWW'
  • Training & Support
  • It's YOUR Site

The Site You Want For The Price You’re Already Paying

The one reality of every fire department website is that no matter what you are getting from it, you are paying for it.

It’s also likely that you wish it was a bit easier to use, had a bit more flexibility, and maybe you’d like to have some of the features you increasingly see on every other website.

That’s where FDPages starts working with you. We deliver all of that and a lot more and we do it all, most likely, for less than you’re paying now for your existing site. So how do we do it…?


FDPages Is All About Features, But The Look Is All About You

Your FDPages process starts with your selection of a site template from our ever growing palette of site designs.

Choose the layout and color scheme that best suits how you want to represent your department to the world. We think that you should have a choice when it comes to your design, and our collection of themes is constantly growing and incorporates all of FDPages’ great features.

With new features and designs being added regularly, you’ll never become an outdated site again!

Moving Into Your New Digs!

FDPages makes the transition from your old site to your new site as simple as possible for you… we do it! We move your old site content into your new FDPages site and we structure it so that updating it is easy.

We work with you to make sure we have the most current images, rosters, and profiles that you want published and we ensure that the way you want to be represented online shines through

FDPages Keeps Your Site Where It’s Always Been

If your current department site has its own domain name, and chances are it does, our next step is to update the domain record so that your new FDPages site replaces the site that’s currently at that domain.

The FDPages tech wizards call this “domain mapping” but the rest of us just understand that it means your new FDPages site will be there when your visitors are looking for you.

If you’ve never had a website before, then we can help with that, too — at no extra cost!  

We’ve Got Your Back…

What’s the point of a great new site if you’re not sure how to use it?

FDPages builds your site on a platform chosen specifically for its ease of use… but that’s not enough for us. We offer you initial training on how to navigate and manage all of the features that come with your site, and we stand by you.

You’ll find comprehensive documentation for your site, how-to videos, and of course we’re always available to assist you through our support email system and the ever-growing FDPages customer forum

Grow it, Show it, Promote it — Your New Site!

With your new FDPages site, you’re free to easily add or edit pages, create entirely new site sections, post images and blog articles, or publish emergency notices.

We give you the tools to connect with your community in ways that you may have been wishing for but weren’t sure how to achieve through your current website.

FDPages delivers what you want from your website… and most likely at less than you are paying now.